Graecalis EVO

The Graecalis is a beautiful medium size aerobatic glider able to fly even in not so strong wind and thermal conditions.

Thanks to its profile BEX1809, it never results critical indeed being extremely precise with an outstanding ratio of energy restitution allowing both a wide speed of range and the possibility to play with aerobatic maneuvers as per pilot’s “tastes” and skills.

The new version EVO has been updated with some features to enable a quicker and precise assembling process.


Technical Data 

   Unit of Measure Value
Wing span: mm 2.900 
Wing area: dm2 57
Fuselage length: mm 1.600
Weight (OD, glider conf.)*: ∼kg 5,2
Weight (OD, extralight tech., glider conf.)*: ∼kg 4,6
Wing load (OD, extralight tech., glider conf.): g/dm2 80
Wing airfoil: n/a BEX 1809
*carbon wing joiner available as optional, reducing weight approx by 200 grams. 

Technical Setup 

Suggested servos setup  Brand Type Max Thickness
elevator: KST BLS651  20 mm 
rudder: KST  BLS651  20 mm 
ailerons: KST  X10  10 mm 
flaps: KST  X10  10 mm 


Suggested engine setup    
Battery cell:  Lipo 5s 
Battery capacity: mAh  4.000 
Controller: Castle Edge lite, Ah  100 
Motor:  Leomotion L4023-2400 finned 6,7:1 
FES: LeoFes  quick link 6 mm shaft
Propeller: Leomotion  18x13