Glider_it Diana 3 is our rc scale 1:4 reproduction of one of the newest and stilish glider produced by Diana Sailplanes.

The Glider_it Diana 3 is a full composite kit, that, as the real one, can be also motorized with FES and has a very high grade of pre-fabrication directly out of the factory. The canopy is already glued to the frame, painted and ready to be installed; the wings will require only to glue the control horn and mount the servos without any other work.
We will offer also as an option, the fuselage ready-to-install for the retractable landing gear.

Thanks to its HN airfoil developed directly by us starting from a Norbert Habe allows a wide speed range.

Flaps and ailerons are already top drive prepared and hinged in the mould, elevator also il pre hinged in the mould.

The Diana 3 is available in 2 different versions, both made in our Extralight technology:
-FS Wings made in fiberglass with carbon spar and single heavy carbon layer
-FS Performance Wings made in fiberglass with carbon spar and single light HM carbon layer, suitable for lighter conditions.


Technical Data 

   Unit of Measure Value
Wing span: mm 4.500 
Fuselage length: mm 1.60 
Wing area: dm2 67
Weight (FS version  glider config.): ∼kg 5,9 
Weight (FS Performance version, glider config.): ∼kg 4,9 
Wing load (Glider Vers. Performance) g/dm2 73
Wing airfoil: n/a Mod. HN

Technical Setup 

Suggested servos setup  Brand Type Max Thickness
elevator: KST BLS651 20 mm
rudder: KST  BLS651 20 mm 
elevator KST X10 10 mm
ailerons: KST  X10  10 mm 
flaps: KST  X10  10 mm 


Suggested engine setup    
Battery cell: Lipo  in development 
Battery capacity: mAh  in development 
Controller: Castle Edge lite, Ah  in development 
Engine: in development 
FES*: - -
Propeller: - in development 

*ask for more details.