Glider_it ASW-15 is a modern high performance and versatile semi-scale glider.

Thanks to its airfoil developed directly by us starting from a Norbert Habe (thickness from 11.2% to 10.6%, camber from 2.0° to 1.2°), it is perfectly suited for this use and allows a wide speed range.

Circling with the ASW-15 in a weak thermal lift is easy and due to its low drag and excellent conversion between altitude and speed it is perfectly suitable for aerobatics and high speed flight.

Flaps and ailerons are hinged at the lower side ensuring comfortable landings using butterfly configuration.


Technical Data 

   Unit of Measure Value
Wing span: mm 3.750 
Wing area: dm2 70 
Fuselage length: mm 1.780 
Weight (OD, glider config.): ∼kg 5,5 
Weight (OD, extralight version, glider config.): ∼kg 5,0 
Wing load (OD, extralight version, glider config.): g/dm2 55
Wing airfoil: n/a Mod. HN

Technical Setup 

Suggested servos setup  Brand Type Max Thickness
elevator: KST BLS651 20 mm
rudder: KST  BLS651 20 mm 
ailerons: KST  X10  10 mm 
flaps: KST  X10  10 mm 


Suggested engine setup    
Battery cell: Lipo  5s 
Battery capacity: mAh  5.000
Controller: Castle Edge lite, Ah  100 
Engine: Leomotion  L4031-2550 finned 6,7:1
FES*: - -
Propeller: Leomotion  Carbon propeller 18x13  

*ask for more details.