This model was born from the collaboration between Glider_it and Leomotion (www.leomotion.com)

The Walhalla is the ultimative sport and fun device for both slope and flat land.
In both extreme and weak weather conditions, the air burns because of the optimal aerodynamic design.
The Walhalla takes the last thermal air with it, in a very agile and tight circle.

The fuselage is designed big enough for an electric drive, so the Walhalla can be transformed as well into a speedy hotliner with an impressive climb rate. The fuselage can accommodate easily up to 6S LiPo.

The performance in speed as well as on long distance flights, is impressive.

NB: Orders collection > Austrian, German and Swiss Customers can order Walhalla directly from Leomotion. For all other countries, refer to Glider_it!


Technical Data

   Unit of Measure Value
Wing span: mm 3.150
Wing area: dm2 65 
Fusolage lenght: mm 1.670
Weight (OD, glider conf.)*: ∼kg -
Weight (FS, extralight tech., e-glider conf)*: ∼kg 4,0
Wing load (OD, extralight tech., glider conf): g/dm2 -
Wing airfoil: n/a -

Technical Setup 

Suggested servos setup  Brand Type Max Thickness
elevator: KST X10  10 mm 
rudder: KST  X15-1208  15 mm 
ailerons: KST  X10 10 mm 
flaps: KST  X10  10 mm 

Suggested engine setup    
Battery cell:  Lipo 5S
Battery capacity: mAh  4.500 
Controller: Castle Edge lite, Ah  100 
Engine: Leomotion  L3631-2550 finned 6,7:1 
FES: - -
Propeller: Leomotion  Carbon propeller 18x13