We can finally reveal another of our new wonderful cards: the JEEMAX 😉
It was possible by the great experience of the team Glider-it team development department we have develope a TOP Gliderjet that can be make the takeoff from the groun
it can host kerosene turbine of 78mm of diameter but for now we have certified the kingteck k65g4. 
the JeeMAX is supply with landing gear included and already installed, you need only insstall the servos (with supports provided) , the special tank ( provided) , and your radiosystem ...  

JeeMAX is capable of taking off from the ground thanks to its landing gear and can also be used on asphalt runways for landing!, carbon square wing joiner and hinge on the bottom.
Jeemax immediately demonstrated great aerobatic flying skills both with engine and gliding, and a formidable handling.

The kit is highly prefabricated and takes a few hours to fly:
- You must insert the turbine (not provided)
- Install your servos using the frames (provided)
- Make the wiring and connections.
We can also carry out all the assembly phases for you.

Basic price start from 2500€ for 1 color Jeemax 


Technical Data 

   Unit of Measure Value
Wing span: mm  3500
Wing area: dm2 91
Fuselage length: mm 1980
Weight (FS, extralight tech.):  kg 9
Wing load (FS, extralight tech.): g/dm2 91
Wing airfoil: n/a Dev by Glider_it


   Unit of Measure Value
Kingtech k65g4 mm 72mm

Technical Setup 

Suggested Servos Setup  Brand Type Max Thickness
elevator: KST  X10 Pro 10 mm 
rudder: KST  A12  12 mm 
ailerons: KST  A12  12 mm 
flaps: KST  A12  12 mm 
landing gear: KST A12 12 mm



Pre-order available! - Click on your preferred color scheme to proceed